ZetaFrame™ Cabinet Solution
Chatsworth Products International Limited (CPI)
Data Centre Physical Connectivity Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
With the growing market demand for rapid deployment and reliable support, Chatsworth Products (CPI) combined its expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure into a single cabinet platform that simplifies selection and ordering while providing innovative features and capabilities that set a new benchmark in the industry. The result is ZetaFrame™ Cabinet, a highly engineered data centre cabinet solution that delivers fast built-to-order configurability, and industry-leading strength and scalability, regardless of the application. ZetaFrame is a total, turnkey cabinet solution that integrates power, cable and thermal management accessories to support next-generation compute.

Product Application
Today’s mission critical industries demand a mix of enterprise-owned, cloud-based and edge services. The most efficient approach to simplifying these hybrid operations is to rely on a single cabinet design that integrates cable management, airflow management, intelligent power distribution, environmental monitoring, physical security and system optimisation.

ZetaFrame was developed to be a universal solution that works in any application.

With ZetaFrame, systems integrators and hyperscale customers benefit from the cabinet’s industry-leading rolling load rating and shock pallet option, while rack-and-stack deployments can depend on the cabinet’s high-quality construction and durability. Customers benefit from ZetaFrame’s complete ecosystem solution, which offers preintegrated power, security, airflow containment, serviceability, monitoring and availability of equipment and data.

Research & Design
ZetaFrame Cabinet is the culmination of CPI’s 30 years of design and custom engineering expertise. Through CPI’s custom engineering department, it was possible to identify common customer requests reflective of the state of the industry. For example, with the emergence of more hybrid data centres, rapid deployment and configurability were becoming important requirements.

As a result, CPI designed ZetaFrame Cabinet on a platform that allows for an unprecedented level of configurability. The cabinet can be configured on demand, as a customer-specified, factory-assembled solution. Likewise simple product selection, easy ordering and streamlined logistics all add up to quick deployment for customers.

Additionally, increasing cabinet densities have changed the way the rack space is utilised. In keeping up with how the networking and server equipment industry is also evolving, it was important to consider a strong and reliable cabinet frame. Newer compute hardware include additional processors and memory components as part of their configuration, which not only increase power demand, but increase the weight of the computer and the amount of heat that must be dissipated from the computer. So, besides reliable power distribution, to support and protect advanced equipment, a data centre rack must feature much higher load ratings to hold additional weight, improved airflow management features so more cool air is through the rack and enhanced cable management to allow for more intuitive and flexible moves, adds and changes.

Another important fact is the need for high static load ratings and rolling loads since more data centres have been utilising third-party integrators. Often referred to as “rack and roll,” these integrators populate cabinets with compute, power, and cabling, then transport fully loaded cabinets to the data centre space where they are rolled into position and quickly brought online. ZetaFrame was engineered to allow for exceptional 5,000 lb (2268 kg) static load (on leveling feet) and 4,000 lb (1814 kg) dynamic load (on casters), which will support new equipment for years to come.

Many unique design elements were also included in ZetaFrame to promote a more intuitive user experience and easier management of the cabinet components to simplify the daily tasks of data center and network managers.

Does It All, Does It Better
ZetaFrame Cabinet addresses the industry’s “need for speed” with rails and accessories that are quick and easy to adjust, cable management that accommodates a variety of applications, a frame architecture that can ably support heavier equipment and overhead cabling structures and, lastly, thermal efficiency through several value-added accessories.

Features and benefits of ZetaFrame Cabinet include:
Fast Selection and Customization – Wide range of standard configurations and complimentary consultation services allow customers to create a tailored solution that meets their exact requirements

Future-Proof Capacity – Roll-formed, tubular and fully welded steel frame architecture supports market-leading 5,000 lb (2268 kg) static and 4,000 lb (1814 kg) dynamic loads

Integrated Power and Airflow Management – Seamless integration with optional power and airflow management accessories under a single part number ensures quick deployment

Integrated Bonding – Doors and panels bond to the frame through hinges and contact points, eliminating the need for attaching separate grounding straps to cabinet components

Enhanced Cable Management – ZetaFrame's simple and versatile cable management accessories can be used independently or in combination to accommodate a wide variety of applications

Changing the Mission Critical Industry
As the mission-critical industry evolves and hybrid networks take on different forms, it is important for cloud, data centre and colocation facilities to simplify and standardise their infrastructure. Because CPI understands every application is unique, we’ve been able to hone our processes to enable effective customisation capabilities. This has placed CPI in an advantageous position to provide customers with a cabinet solution that fits their exact needs, in a timely, responsive manner, ensuring a foundation that will support equipment for years to come.
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