Open-E JovianDSS
Data Centre ICT Storage Product of the Year
Entry Description
Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS- and Linux-based Data Storage Software designed especially for enterprise-sized Software Defined Storage environments. With its unique features, the product ensures the highest data reliability and integrity with optimal data storage, protection, and recovery. The software addresses the needs of Data Centers, Enterprises, SMB users, and Cloud Providers seeking a unified NAS and SAN solution with On- and Off-site Data Protection, consistent Snapshots, Thin Provisioning, Compression, Deduplication, and more.

There are three main areas covered by Open-E JovianDSS:

1. Data Storage
2. Backup & Disaster Recovery
3. Business Continuity

Centralized Open-E JovianDSS data storage is accessible over protocols such as iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), NFS, and SMB/CIFS. It also supports VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V making it a perfect fit for any virtualized storage environment. Open-E JovianDSS can be easily set up as a virtual storage appliance in a virtual environment or can be installed on a physical server. Thanks to the implementation of the ZFS files system, it provides multiple layers of data protection mechanisms including Self-healing, Data and Metadata Check-summing, Atomic Transaction Writes, and more.

Backup & Disaster Recovery is supported in Open-E JovianDSS by On- and Off-site Data Protection feature. It allows you to create and manage data backups and perform instant data restore in case of data loss. The backup is independent of underlying data – everything can be backed up. This functionality is based on snapshots which can be restored on local as well as on remote destinations. The data can also be instantly accessed from the backup destination. You are also able to define retention plans that will help you to set up even very complex backup schemes, according to your needs. This solution is especially useful when working with Open-E JovianDSS in a data center.

Open-E JovianDSS provides the continuous availability of all company data that is essential when maintaining critical business operations in case of unexpected harmful events. Business Continuity in Open-E JovianDSS is achieved by a High Availability failover clustering which minimizes server downtime periods, eliminates single points of failure, and provides the highest performance, reliability, and data availability. The built-in solution supports a huge number of topologies ranging from small cluster-in-a-box setups to big rack servers with multiple JBODs, local clusters up to stretched metro clusters, handling both: shared and non-shared data storage environments.
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