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As anyone tuned in to the global events of the past year may attest, a year can seem to fly by faster than you can say, “a new normal.” On Aug. 6, 2019, Park Place Technologies announced the acquisition of Entuity, described as “a global network performance monitoring software company.” A year may pass quickly, but the Entuity integration has demonstrated how much progress may be packed in 365 days.
In the acquisition announcement, Chris Adams, President and CEO, Park Place Technologies, was quoted as saying, “When Entuity is integrated with our award-winning ParkView™ monitoring product, we will deliver enhanced network visibility, driving uptime for our global customer base.”
As the one-year anniversary of the ParkView/Entuity marriage arrives, those words have been proven prophetic.
Entuity was Park Place’s 12th acquisition since 2016, and while every acquisition is strategic and benefits clients, Entuity has proven to be a game changer that led to the creation of a new technology category (more on that in a moment).
For more than 20 years, Entuity has focused on network performance monitoring to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. Entuity provides the analytics needed to keep networks performing and visibility into issues before they impact business services. Entuity was seen as a perfect complement to Park Place Technologies as both organizations were customer-centric, have a deep-seated commitment to their employees and are laser-focused on maximizing customer Uptime.
Here are some of the Entuity highlights of the past 12 months:
New Product Releases
ENA 18 Geographical Maps/Sure Path: Entuity Network Analytics (ENA) integrates Google Maps directly into its dashboard framework, allowing users to automatically plot network Views on an interactive Google Map. The map also drills down to show incident health within that View. For Network Operations Centers and Enterprise Operations Centers, the View markers can be customized to pulse if specific incidents are raised, providing an immediate visual notification where those problems are arising. IT teams gain a global perspective of the network based on Views and their hierarchies to resolve incidents faster and ensure more uptime. Introducing rapid monitoring of application paths and their components, SurePath bridges the gap between application management and network management. Network management teams can now quickly identify where a problem is and keep critical connections resilient.
VPN Enhancements: ENA allows IT organizations to proactively manage firewall anomalies/alerts when there are issues, to ensure that traffic continues to flow back and forth at optimum levels. This is vital for remote end-users to gain access to VPN connections which in turn provide access to applications. ENA offers a number of ways to capture metrics for VPN connection management. The Entuity Network Analytics’ dashboard includes various dashlets for quick viewing, and shows VPN Users, Maximum Sessions Supportable, Sessions % of Max, and Sessions for Remote Access by device. This dashboard allows IT to fully understand the status of activity on a device, providing a way to proactively monitor where more VPN tunnels are needed to accommodate users.
People Impact
The Entuity acquisition has led to many more “feet on the street,” with the hiring of professional tech staff, development staff, and account representatives. The investment in staff has helped handle an increase in the number of client requests for proof of concept and discovery sessions, and robust technologies being developed for integration into the Park Place ParkView portfolio.
ENA in the News
The technology media has noticed! Scores of articles have been published on the Park Place acquisition of Entuity, including feature stories in Network Computing, “Network Monitoring and Management Turned Upside Down”; Data Economy, “You can’t manage what you can’t see”; and SC Media “Are you treating your data centre like a game of risk?”
In the Case Study, “Putting a Different Spin on Network Management,” Grundfos Pumps, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of water pumps and water systems for both commercial and home use, testified to the benefits of ENA.
Fred Wiest, Network Engineer and Global Network Architect at Grundfos, said, “ENA’s Configuration Management functionality offers us extensive capabilities to really simplify configuring our network. We are a lot more efficient in handling new roll out deployments and can see any changes immediately before it impacts performance. For example, we can set up a virtual router in Azure in less than 5 minutes. We configure SNMP, add it to ENA, hit a button and the router is automatically configured to our specifications in the Azure cloud.”
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