Teledata, Manchester. Bringing people and technology together, to power businesses forward.
Entry Description
Founded in 2005, Teledata is Manchester’s largest independent data centre. The company is ISO27001 certified, as audited by the British Standards Institute, and offers colocation, cloud hosting, workplace recovery and data centre services to businesses across the UK.

Teledata invested over £1M into an on-site ARC (alarm receiving centre), and this makes Teledata the only independent colocation data centre in the UK to boast an NSI Gold Approved BS5979 Security and Operations Centre (SOC) on-site. This facility gives Teledata direct links to police control rooms and protects security teams for fast and effective response to any potential emergency situations.

Further security measures include site wide audio-challenge; thermal imaging devices to minimise false alarms and improve the accuracy of detection; Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to enable visitors to securely register cars to enter the site compound without leaving their vehicles; a security entrance portal with multi-factor authentication and anti-tailgating technology; and highly secure perimeter speed gates. All of these systems are permanently monitored by the onsite police-linked security centre.

Teledata also stands out from its competitors through its investment into energy efficiencies. The firm has worked closely with the Business Growth Hub and its consultants to intelligently reduce carbon emissions in all areas, including cooling consumption. Teledata invested £1.5 Million into a battery storage system to enhance energy efficiencies at its facility via a solution which enables the firm to store electricity from the national grid at times of low demand and discharge it during the most beneficial periods, acting as a reserve during peak tariff times. The system also offers integrated variable voltage optimisation to deliver a stabilised voltage, thus boosting the resilience of the facility by improving the shelf life of equipment, while reducing unnecessary energy waste and optimising the incoming power supply. A video about this project can be found here -

Teledata is the only colocation provider in the UK to have implemented these technologies, making this an industry first. This project attracted some interest from big industry players, including a well known Silicon Valley based social media giant who has since become a customer after Teledata carried out a private build for the company, which had a large requirement with demanding specifications.

Teledata has also implemented highly intelligent control systems; cold aisle containment; under-floor cold air channelling to minimise wastage; variable fans within condenser units; free air cooling systems; office space air conditioning controls to minimise wastage out of hours; highly efficient cooling pumps; cold aisle blanking throughout and a number of other measures including the controlled raising of temperatures in the cold and warm aisles. Teledata also has power metered at every board and office in the building.

Overall, these measures have reduced the firm's annual electricity consumption by 19%, saving more than 700 tonnes of CO2 per year and generating annual financial savings of £150,000.

In terms of support, Teledata treats its relationships with its clients as a partnership. The company’s dedicated on-site support team is available to clients 24x7. The technical team providing the customer support are the same team that built and manage the data centres, with no outsourcing or off-site help desks in place. Support is included in the price, there are no additional or hidden costs for support, and the company prides itself on transparency, keeping all cross connect pricing to install only, rather than implementing recurring charges. No automated bills are sent out for over usage of network or power, instead Teledata prefers to treat all its customers fairly with a high quality of account management. The firm also provides up to 2(N+N) UPS power protection to customer colocation racks, and Teledata’s cloud offering - CloudActiv - is active-active as standard for all cloud customers, for resilience and peace of mind.

The measures put in place by Teledata to ensure high levels of resilience through power, security and network performance have resulted in a 100% uptime record for the firm, giving clients tangible benefits of not only a high performance premium network, but also zero downtime and reduced network latency. Teledata is a carrier neutral data centre, and a LINX (London Internet Exchange) Manchester PoP.

Due to the nature of confidentiality and security within the industry, some of our better known clients have asked to remain anonymous, but below are some testimonials from those who have agreed to be referenced;

"We initially chose Teledata as one of our data centre partners due to their impressive facilities, but it's the flexibility and the helpful team that have really stood out over the last few years."
Jeremy Jarvis, co-founder, Brightbox

"Teledata has been our primary data centre facility for over 5 years and we have been a customer for approaching 10. The partnership and longevity of our business together has been a direct result of the relationship with both the technical and the sales teams. Having experience of many data centres throughout the country, in my view Teledata has a unique facility which strikes exactly the right balance between security, responsiveness and being able to operate and manage our services effectively."
Andy Pilkington, CTO, Keytech

"Partnering with Teledata has given us access to an evolving product set that truly supports our client’s needs. Scalable, resilient hosting gives us the flexibility to deliver a reliable service in a fast moving industry, while increasing bottom line and passing on cost efficiencies to the customer. All the staff I have met have been super helpful and a joy to work with."
Mark Stringer, MD, Ahoy

"I have had servers with other companies before, but they tend to offer ticketing systems or there is a serious lack of support. With Teledata, they respond straight away and I can actually ring up and speak to support which is a huge deal to me. You know when you are talking to the team you are dealing with experts."
Craig Duerden, Director, Leadspark

“The fact that senior management took the time to personally take us round their operation in real detail gave us genuine confidence that there was a solid, physical and support infrastructure in place to take care of our business. Once we were up and running in the new data centre, any issues we had were resolved quickly, and we knew we could rely on their remote-hands service if we needed any quick jobs taking care of. Individual touches such as lending us hardware when we had a failure only added to the feeling we were in the right place.”
Daniel Meggitt, Director at Abstract

“I haven't met anyone better to deal with than Teledata. Flexible, reasonable, accommodating. Complex administrative documentation made easy.”
Alistair Nicholls, Founder, Perry Nicholls

“We have some demanding clients and strict SLAs to meet. Hosting at Teledata has helped us consistently meet these SLAs in a field where reputation is vitally important.”
David James, CEO, mxData

“We migrated seven racks to Teledata from another provider. Their comprehensive migration plan meant that a complex move ran seamlessly, with zero downtime and superb support from the Teledata team.”
Steven Powell, Technical Director, Venom IT