SQream enables organizations to rapidly analyze massive amounts of data faster, to improve the wisdom and speed of insights.
Data Centre ICT Compute Product of the Year
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Every organization is striving to be more data driven, to run operations more efficiently and to generate a superior customer experience. However, the insights that can be gleamed from algorithms are dependent on the quantity, quality and variety of the data that their models read.

The amount of data that needs to be ingested is staggering. The need to ingest petabytes of data can stress out standard data processing systems, resulting in models that take too long to run, or less accurate conclusions by reading in less than the optimal amount of data. Forrester reports that between 60 and 73 percent of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics.

SQream DB, a GPU-based columnar database, simplifies and accelerates the ability to analyze massive amounts of data with the ability to scale as the volume of data grows. SQream DB’s transparent metadata collection and adaptive automatic compression lets data scientists run queries on terabytes to petabytes of data, where other databases simply can’t function.

SQream DB harnesses the raw brute-force power and high throughput capabilities of the GPU, with MPP-on-chip capabilities to speed up data queries. It enables complex tasks to be performed in parallel with performance that’s unachievable utilizing classic CPUs. The optimized columnar storage system utilized by SQream DB is partitioned both horizontally and vertically for heavy analytic operations like joins, aggregations, summarizations, and sorting.

SQream also eliminates the need for pre-aggregation or pre-modeling, which is a huge time saver, by reducing the time and resources required for data preparation. Because they can perform queries on ray data, data scientists and BI analysts are able ask more questions about more data from a wider variety of perspectives.

In addition, by achieving more computing power with less hardware, SQream DB is more cost efficient which is important for research organizations. A handful of GPU-enabled servers can support a large enterprise’s data compute needs, while delivering faster performance at a fraction of the cost of competing CPU-only solutions.

Thanks to SQream database’s powerful GPU-based technology and unique architecture, up to 1 PB of human genome sequences were analyzed at a cancer research institute significantly faster than with previous methods. Now they are able to compare hundreds of genome sequences in two hours while previously it took two months to analyze only a handful of genome sequences.

Data analytics are critical for creating and maintaining a competitive advantage. Having the right data architecture can result in ad hoc analytics at scale to optimize processes and bring in more revenue from increased insights. SQream DB is a fast powerful database that provide the speed and accuracy data scientists need to make an organization wiser and more competitive.
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