Fire suppression system giving protection for the entire data centre
Solar Fire Systems Ltd
Data Centre Safety/ Fire Suppression Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Imagine a fire suppression system that suppresses the fire in seconds, with minimal use of water and water damage, giving you the best possible protection for your entire data centre
The astute use of water within your data centre.
The FIREKILL ™ low pressure watermist system is Factory Mutual (FM) approved to protect all areas of your data centre from data halls to special hazard areas such as the DRUPS, Battery Rooms, and Generators.
Space saving and expansion
The water tanks used for low pressure watermist systems are much smaller than those used for conventional sprinkler systems leaving more space for server cabinets, and in case of facility expansion when you extend your data halls and support infrastructure, additional pipes, valves and nozzles can easily be installed to new areas, supported by the original water supply and pump set.
Cost effective
With the use of low water pressure and low water consumption the FIREKILL™ low pressure watermist system can be designed with small system components (e.g. reservoir, pump, pipes and fittings) resulting in cost savings compared to high pressure water mist systems.
As the system installation procedures are similar to the installation of conventional sprinkler systems but with fewer nozzles and smaller pipes, installation of the system can be completed faster and more efficiently thus saving time and money.

System Benefits
• Green technology
• Low water consumption
• FM approved to protect complete data centres
• Smallest operational area of 26m2 during data centre approval tests
• Low water consumption
• Low water pressure
• Minimal water damage

• Energy-efficient pumps
• Low power consumption
• Low start current
• Low run current
• Small water tanks
• Scalable
• Low maintenance costs
• No need for ventilation system shutdown
• Non toxic
• Ideal to retrofit existing buildings where lack of space is prohibitive