Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year
Entry Description
RDS-Knight is a unique security tool, the only program on the Remote Desktop market which offers seven types of protection combined in a single product!!
Features go from Time and Localization Restrictions, Secure Users Desktops and Endpoints, Inspect and Manage Users' Privileges, to blocking Brute-Force and Ransomware Attacks.
As so, it offers many more features than the competition.
● First, RDS-Knight is easy and quick to configure. Installation takes only minutes and does not require any firewall change (its own built-in firewall can be activated), open port or VPN.
● Second, RDS-Knight enables administrators to fine-tune and enforce rules for users and groups using Working Hours Restrictions, One Click to Secure Desktops, Permissions (Inspect and Manage users Privileges) and Endpoint Access Protection. These additional layers of security, at the user level, are an efficient way to keep your RDS server secure while making the utilization of remote services easier for users.
● Last important point, RDS-Knight is designed to work for the widest range of Windows operating systems, with the greatest performance possible. As an example, RDS-Knight includes an amazing Ransomware protection, which is a great addition offering and leveraging different technologies to catch threats as quickly as possible.
● RDS-Knight is cost-effective. It exists in two editions: Essentials and Ultimate. The “Essentials” license costs only $50/server and is valid for unlimited users! It includes three of the protections that allow to block IPs, brute-force attacks and to restrict users’ rights! The “Ultimate” license provides the full-featured product for only $250/ server! You pay once, and benefit from the best protection for all your RDS users, without any limit of time!
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