CBRE’s New Converged Data Center Model Adds Technology Services To Suite Of Data Center Solutions
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In 2019 CBRE expanded its Data Center Solutions(DCS) offering to include an additional range of technology services.
CBRE’s Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) business now manages and maintains both data center technology physical infrastructure—hardware and software (e.g., servers, storage, racks)—and data center facilities (e.g., UPS and HVAC).

In addition, the Converged Data Center model encompasses services across the full real estate and IT lifecycle, including those in the Advisory and Project Management disciplines, such as: consulting, capital financing, site selection, development and project management, technology workload migration, and disposition of facilities. The integrated offering of technology and facilities management as well as advisory services is called the “Converged Data Center” model.

“Our converged model provides a way to tie business-critical IT and mission-critical facilities together within one value-stream-based funding model,”
said Jim Harding, Global President of Data Center Solutions for GWS.
“This ultimately will help our clients be more competitive and achieve their digital transformation priorities.”

CBRE’s clients, particularly those with responsibility for real estate, finance and information functions, will realize significant benefits from the Converged Data Center approach. These include: reduced costs, improved operational efficiency, visibility of end-to-end operations and associated costs, better informed organizational and investment decision-making, and the ability to move assets off the balance sheet to more closely resemble a cloud financial model.

The technology scope of services within CBRE’s DCS group spans vendor-agnostic strategic consulting, such as cloud migration strategy and planning, data center planning and fit out, technical implementation and support (Smart Hands / Remote Hands), hardware maintenance, data destruction and asset recycling.

Analytics, predictive maintenance, fault avoidance and speed to resolution—for both infrastructure equipment (e.g., UPS systems) and IT equipment (e.g., services)—will be provided through DCS’s analytics group, CBRE | Romonet.

CBRE | Romonet

CBRE | Romonet is a patented, cloud-based predictive analytics platform that delivers actionable intelligence and scenario modelling across all stages of the data centre lifecycle. The result is as accurate a picture as possible of any given data centre's financial, operational and environmental performance —enabling more visibility and informed decisions that unlock cost savings, drive profit, optimize energy consumption, increase reliability, and improve facility operations.

Romonet’s analytics can be used to compare and contrast the total cost of ownership of one data centre design versus another before investing in building the facility; a team operating an existing site can use it to track whether the facility is continuously operating from an energy and water perspective as efficiently as possible; or executive leadership can have visibility into how data centre costs are contributing to each of their applications/ internal platforms or customers.

Romonet provides big data visualisations, structured reporting, benchmarking and analysis spanning the following data centre lifecycle stages:
Strategy and Design
Romonet helps determine the best location for a specific data centre, and quantifies and validates how its design should perform from a total cost of ownership and efficiency perspective.
Build and Commission.
Romonet helps determine and validate that data centres under construction are being built and configured to meet the design’s intent, as well as to ensure that the financial business case for the particular investment is still valid.
Maintenance and Operations
Romonet provides insight to both operational and financial areas, including the ability to accurately predict performance under varying workloads or climate conditions, predict equipment failure risks, track and optimize energy usage, and accurately forecast return on investment.
Upgrades and Modifications
Romonet provides scenario modelling for upgrading major electrical, mechanical and cooling equipment, technology, and achieving next tier specifications and standards.
Romonet’s innovative, award-winning platform is technology and vendor agnostic in terms of data source, allowing data to be extracted from almost any data acquisition system.

CBRE currently delivers technology services to over 30 enterprise, colocation and hyperscale clients across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific and provides facilities management services to more than 800 data centers worldwide on behalf of leading corporations across sectors including: financial services, technology, media, healthcare, energy and utilities, life sciences, retail and real estate investment trusts. In the past five years, CBRE has completed more than 1,000 data center transactions, spanning 348 cities and 104 global markets.
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