Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Asperitas Immersed Computing® is responsible for delivering highly sustainable and energy producing datacentres for emerging digital technologies (AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, big data, high performance computing, VR) anywhere needed for digital driven enterprises, cloud providers and public organisations. The concept is spearhead by the fully immersed cooling of the IT within a synthetic oil, rather than cooling it using traditional air methods. Compared to an average air cooled datacentre, the AIC24 module can facilitate 5-10 times as much density.

The AIC24 module offers a fully integrated plug and play solution (circular product design) and runs with only 3 connections: water, power and data. The use of the module reduces the energy footprint of the datacentre itself by 10%. Downsized cooling and power requirements also reduce the amount of maintenance on these systems by up to 15%.

By making the energy available for reuse for heating, Asperitas reduces the footprint of a third-party with the heat demand, enabling the transformation of datacentres from heavy energy consumers into energy suppliers and contributors to the circular economy (100% energy reuse ready). The module takes up 80% less physical footprint and 95% less cooling energy for datacentres.

Datacentres globally are an essential part of digital infrastructure to facilitate digital services and emerging digital technologies. Emerging digital technologies require datacentres and increasingly make use of high performance computing. Presently, datacentres are consuming 4% of the global energy supply, using energy for IT and cooling. They require a tremendous amount of floorspace, they have difficulties operating in hot climate zones and they actually waste energy. Each datacentre consistently churns out warm air which is too low temperature to efficiently distribute and transport.

The next generation hardware for these emerging technologies are of a high performance but also very powerful, going up to 400 watts per chip. This amount of energy turns into heat and requires advanced cooling methods to even maintain performance. An entire new model is needed to design and operate datacenters sustainably.
The medium currently used by datacentres to cool is air. Changing this medium for the much more efficient medium (liquid) is changing everything for datacentres.
Today, datacentres are facing boundaries regarding floorspace, access to (renewable) energy, cooling costs, complexity and cost of build. This is resulting in a situation whereby the current datacentre model does not fit with the technology it should be facilitating. Furthermore, datacentres are generating energy (hot air) which is consistently wasted.

Asperitas‘ mission is to enable sustainable and high performing datacentres that facilitate all emerging digital technologies, anywhere and on any scale. Asperitas wants to live and work for reshaping and innovating the datacentre world and believes in thinking differently, with responsibility towards the future energy footprint and therefore contributing to a better world.
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