KSA SEC-Dawiyat NBB Smart Shelter Project
Huawei - Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications & Information Technology Company
Edge Computing Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
SEC is responsible for the external operation of the group's power communication assets. In August 2017, SEC obtained the FTTH share of 750,000 lines, accounting for 34% of the phase-1 NBN market share. In December 2017, SEC signed an FTTH access agreement with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for 500,000 new residential users, the goal is to become the second largest fixed network construction party in Saudi Arabia.
A large number of sites require quick delivery and service rollout.
To help customer to build the network, Huawei prefabricated data center-FusionDC1000A40 is purposed.
The FusionDC1000A40 is a small-capacity prefabricated all-in-one data center that integrates the pre-fab. Module mechanical structure, power supply and distribution system, HVAC system, management system, fire extinguishing system, integrated cabling system, and server cabinets. It features high security and reliability, rapid deployment, high efficiency, and intelligent management. This features can exactly solve customer problems and help customer to continue and grow their business.
igh Security and Reliability´╝Ü
In Saudi Arabia, there are sandstorms every year. So equipment is deployed in a pre-fab module that complies with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 668 standard. The pre-fab module provides sufficient protection (IP55 by default; IP65 available by changing the dustproof module at the air vent) as it is assembled by industry-leading welding technologies and well-sealed to be waterproof and dustproof.
SEC customer deployed the AIO (All in one) data center in multiple sparsely populated sites, so it’s very important make sure the data center safety.
Theft proof: The intelligent access control system and mechanical locks provide multifold security protection and can meet class 3 theft proof requirements in EN 1627–EN 1630, if required.
Adaptive to environment: We consider one step more. The design of two porches prevents sand from entering the equipment compartment when doors are open during maintenance, ensuring that the pre-fab module applies to various harsh environments.
Rapid and Easy Deployment
Streamlined manufacturing, professional division of labor, and good work conditions ensure that modules and products of the FusionDC1000A40 are produced efficiently with strict quality control.
Infrastructures such as cooling equipment, power supply equipment, and racks are installed in factory. Only Network cables, power cables, and water pipes to be provided onsite for commissioning.
System commissioning is completed in factories, and therefore onsite deployment and equipment room commissioning take less than one week.
The pre-fab module can be easily relocated as it can be transported on level-3 roads and applies to various scenarios such as dynamic data service deployment, military affairs, disaster relief, and field operations.
Prefabricated AIO data center solution frees customers from the need to build a house for only a few cabinets and frees them from the worry of theft and environmental impact. In addition, the unified network management system simplifies O&M. SEC is very satisfied with AIO solution, resulting in multiple phases of deployments one after another.
For the market, this solution is applicable to almost all scenarios without buildings (with this capacity). It is widely used, including mobility scenarios. This solution will gradually replace the poor quality of the traditional shelter facilities.
This solution outperforms competitors in the following innovative points:
1. All facilities are pre-integrated in the factory to ensure rapid deployment and high connection quality.
2. The IP65 (Optional) protection level ensures that the customer's equipment is well protected and proper environment is provided for CT equipment.
3. Theft proof: The intelligent access control system and mechanical locks provide multifold security protection and can meet class 3 theft proof requirements in EN 1627–EN 1630 if required.
4. The heat transfer coefficient is ≤ 0.36 W/ (m2 x K) the smallest in the industry, ensuring high energy efficiency in hot areas.
5. Cold and hot airflow isolation, enabling optimal energy efficiency
6. Same quality as the building, the service life can reach more than 25 years.
7. Shockproof: The container meets the GR-63-CORE Zone 3 shockproof requirements.
prefabricated modular data center solution has been favored by customers in various industries. It ranked No. 1 in the industry for five consecutive years from 2014 to 2018 (IHS Prefabricated modular data centers reports). Last year, the shipment volume exceeded 2000 cases, ranking No. 1 in the industry.
International well-known companies and carriers, such as HUAWEI CLOUD, Dubai International Airport, and Myanmar Telenor, have adopted this solution to help customers achieve business success.