Scottish university updates the critical power protection for one of its data centres
Kohler Uninterruptible Power
Excellence in Data Centre Services Award
Entry Description
When a major Scottish university wanted to update the critical power protection for one of its data centres they were faced with problems due to the small space available. Even though UPS systems have reduced in size over recent years, increases in forecast load presented them with a challenge. Kohler Uninterruptible Power (KUP) were able to custom design a system that not only fitted in the space available, but offered scaleability to cope with future load increases and delivered energy savings of 46% despite increased load and moving from one to two UPS units. The level of service prompted the client to select KUP for their next project.

Rather than space, the challenge for a major banking group was time. Replacement of two existing UPS systems needed undertaking between 6pm on a Friday and 6pm the following Sunday, in a dark building. Normally switch out of just one system would take a whole weekend. Then to spice things up, and better serve their 13 million customers, a decision was made to also support desktop and call centre equipment with 5 additional UPS systems plus switchgear. KUP rose to the challenge by deploying 2 Project Managers and 10 Engineers, plus a supporting logistics team, to operate two shifts and work around the clock. Despite the tight timescale, challenges with cabling, restricted accessways and working by headtorch and temporary lighting, the job was successfully completed, so much so that again a follow-on project was awarded to KUP.

Having arguably matched The Doctor’s ability to handle challenges with time and space, the KUP team were faced with a third test – to do this whilst ensuring 100% continuity of protection. By technically supporting one of the largest mobile phone providers in the UK with the design of cabling, cable runs, work phasing and switching, and demonstrating excellence in onsite installation and commissioning KUP was able to ensure the load was fully protected at all times. The client commented that they could not have been happier with how the complex upgrade, installation and live switch went. And a follow on project was completed for this client in March 2020.