Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse
Yellowbrick Data
Data Centre Managed Services Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
As companies strive to create value and bolster competitiveness using real-time business analytics, data warehouses are becoming overloaded with data stored for future analysis. Most of today’s data warehouses cannot support the ingest of data in real-time or interactive applications and are not built to retain the massive amounts of historical data. They are also plagued with rising support costs and escalating use expenses.

Some cloud data warehouses are engineered systems, and some are software running on hypervisors. The Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse is a data warehouse service offering that overcomes the scale, cost and performance challenges posed by legacy and cloud-only data warehouses. Its unique architecture allows customers to connect multiple public and private clouds to a single Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse and ensures industry leading performance and unparalleled data access without lock-in, so customers have the flexibility to migrate to or from a cloud at will.

Yellowbrick Data’s hybrid approach to data warehousing provides many benefits including the ability to quickly spin up new databases; link on-premises to the cloud so business critical data is kept on premises and other data is available in the cloud; attach to data from any public cloud; and allow different applications users and teams to choose their own cloud. With Yellowbrick, all of these models are supported, and all can be run from the same underlying data warehouse.

As the world’s fastest SQL data warehouse, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse easily scales from terabytes to petabytes, supports unmatched concurrency and delivers database query speeds up to 100X faster than traditional solutions. Enterprises across a variety of industries, including insurance, banking, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, and entertainment rely on Yellowbrick Data to power their real-time data warehouses.