Asigra Cloud Backup Software
Data Centre Managed Services Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Asigra provides managed service providers around the world with the ability to quickly manage the recovery of customer data from anywhere in the world. As the industry’s most comprehensive MSP platform for the data protection of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, databases and applications, SaaS and IaaS based applications, Asigra lowers the total cost of ownership, reduces recovery time objectives, and eliminates silos of backup data by providing a single consolidated repository with 100% recovery assurance and anti-ransomware defense.

Asigra helps MSPs control the complexity of data growth requiring the maintainance of countless backup agents across an entire corporate IT environment, making data protection increasingly unfeasible. With IT being responsible for more sources of data than ever, from physical servers, virtual machines and cloud apps to remote laptops and multiple types of smartphones. How can you protect it all to meet stringent compliance and business continuity obligations, no matter where the data resides? A modern backup solution must be both flexible and holistic to let nothing slip through the cracks.

Manage data with streamlined processes - Error-prone manual backup and recovery saps productivity and undermines user trust. Under growing pressure to deliver value to the business, IT can no longer afford to waste resources on tedious, inefficient backup and recovery processes. But what if you could reduce any outage to just a blip that users barely notice? No disruption. No productivity drop. No lost revenue. No complaints. Backup solutions must have expertise built-in with extensive automation and intuitive consoles to minimize manual effort and human error.

Innovative anti-ransomware capabilities for managed service providers - What will you do when ransomware locks your customers out of their applications and/or data?

It may not be as simple as recovering the latest backup as the backup may also be corrupted if proper protections are not in place. Organizations must guard against malware on many fronts. But as devices on the network proliferate and connect to a growing constellation of online services, the universe of potential attack vectors expands. In fact, it may be impossible to stop malicious code from ever entering your IT environment.

Backup data is the last line of defense. Without it, the organization has nothing to fall back on when ransomware strikes.

Only Asigra stops the ransomware Attack-Loop™. The company's sophisticated signature-less malware detection engines identify and quarantine unauthorized or malicious embedded code, including unknown and “zero day” attacks, from penetrating backup and replication streams.
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