EcoStruxure IT next-generation DCIM enables innovative and intelligent management for data centres
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Data Centre Intelligent Automation and Management Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
EcoStruxure IT is a next-generation Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software architecture that allows data centres, including hyperscale and colocation facilities and edge computing environments, utilising infrastructure equipment from a variety of vendors, to be managed remotely, from a single management console. It provides visibility into the performance of data centre infrastructure components including power and cooling systems to provide data-driven recommendations that improve performance, efficiency and reduce costs.
To-date, it is the industries only vendor-neutral, cloud-based DCIM solution, allowing any IoT enabled infrastructure device to be monitored and managed 24/7, from anywhere and at anytime via the IT Expert smartphone application.

EcoStruxure IT is IT Expert gathers data from all IoT-enabled physical infrastructure assets, including racks, switchgear, power distribution, cooling and UPS systems. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics, it consolidates performances and alarm data and produces proactive recommendations as to rectify unplanned issues before they become critical. It automates and simplifies the task of both managing and building resilience into data centre operations with the minimum of human interaction and helps to increase overall performance and efficiency while reducing downtime.

Next-generation DCIM platforms are defined by five key attributes, which clearly differentiate them from legacy data centre management systems.
1. Relies on cloud technologies for ease of implementation, scalability, analytics and maintenance
2. Connects to a data lake enabling insight & event prediction with AI
3. Utilises mobile and web technologies and integrates with third party platforms
4. Prioritises simplicity and intuitive user experiences in its design
5. Serves as a compliance tool to identify and eliminate potential cyber security risks

Through adoption of next-generation DCIM architectures such as EcoStruxure™, today’s facility managers can ensure maintenance upgrades and service schedules perform at optimum levels. EcoStruxure also allows partners and service providers to more easily extend their visibility and manage multiple edge sites across a larger geographical area; delivering real-time alerts and updates that allow users to proactively mitigate unplanned downtime from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Another element of the software suite is EcoStruxure IT for Partners which is an open, cloud-based, multi-tenant platform enabling stakeholders managing multiple edge data centres and distributed IT sites to increase reliablity of critical edge computing applications.

It enables customers to securely outsource monitoring, maintenance to expert service providers, channel partners and Managed Service Providers, who support the availability of physical infrastructure as well as IT devices to their preferred solution providers.

Assisted by other components such as the EcoStruxure IT Mobile Insights Application which allows updates to be sent to mobile devices at remote locations, distributed teams of maintenance personnel to broaden the reach of services they can provide across a wide area and at lower cost than maintaining dedicated teams on site.

The secure platform is enabled by EcoStruxure’s predictive analytics and hosts applications and tools for solution providers to build new, recurring service offerings and business models.
EcoStruxure IT is truly an innovation in the data centre sector and is to-date, the industries only vendor neutral, next-generation DCIM solution.
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