Tormenta VarioScaler
RNT Rausch GmbH
Data Centre ICT Compute Product of the Year
Entry Description
Tormenta® VarioScaler: Limits belong to yesterday! Total flexibility of performance and scalability.

One thing unites large data centres and smaller city carriers: Storage space is limited but ever more companies are outsourcing heavy-duty services. RNT Rausch offers a server system that scales up flexibly in terms of level and functionality using modules with the Tormenta VarioScaler.

Growth without pain

An end to new purchases in the data centre simply because new customers or functions are in-house: With the Tormenta VarioScaler simply exchange the components or stock the casing up.

Determine the server architecture for yourself

You determine the server architecture yourself because from a component height above 1 rack unit, you use different mainboards, drives, power suppliers etc. in modules and flexibly as the system requires them. Drive modules, boards, power supplies – the choice is yours! In addition, the casing can be expanded using extension modules up to 3 rack units high. Tormenta VarioScaler is the first scalable seversystem from 1U to 3U.

Key features

- first scalable chassis from 1U up to 3U
- all standard motherboard form factors are supported
- individual configurable HDD, NVMe and SSD options

CPU / Memory
- Intel® Atom® C3000
- Intel® Xeon® E3 / E5
- Intel® Xeon® D
- Intel® Xeon® Scalable
- AMD® Epyc™

Single socket
- mITX
- mATX
Single or dual socket
- eATX

Hard drive bays
4 HDD bays per 1U, each optional with:
- 1 x 3,5″ SATA
- 2 x 2,5″ NVMe SSD 2HE
- 2 x 2,5″ SAS/SATA 15mm
- 4 x 2,5″ SATA SSD 7,5mm

PCI Slots
- 1U: up to 3 PICe
- 2U: up to 7 x PICe low profile
- 3U: up to 7 x PICe full size

Power supplies
- 250W 80 + bronze,
- 400W 80 + gold
- 400W 1+1 PSU 80 + Platinum
- 700W 1+1 PSU 80 + Platinum
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