Managed confidentiality for large IT infrastructures
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Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year
Entry Description
What is new?
HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services has some more and new features in compare to HiCrypt™.
HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services allows
• central management of all encrypted shares
• connection to existing user management without media disruption
• safe and intuitive separation of responsibilities
• meets high safety requirements
• workflow integration
• script-based control is possible
• fully scalable
• auditable
• creates managed confidentiality
• very comfortable SSO on HiCrypt-Shares

How does the product break with conventional ideas?
• Digitization, globalization and CLOUD do not necessarily lead to a loss of control over confidential data content!
• With the help of encryption, confidentiality can be restored.
• The important thing is to keep the cryptographic secret that encodes data under control and keep it separate from the data!
• We solve this: Key Ownership Guarantee

How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something the already exists?
HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services makes no difference. No matter wheter small or big structure - HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services is suitable for everyone.
It offers a manageable confidentiality which is easy and scalable to realize. HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services serves conveniently and centrally all encrypted shares.

How do customer benefit from the product?
HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services allows a separation of the phases technical, administrative preparation of comfortable administration, user and recovery management of confidential shares.
HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services allows an introduction of one or more global managers who are legitimized by the board and act as a link between IT administration and trust management.
Assigned roles can be global manager (has sovereignty over all data, can be the only user to delete), technican (has sovereignty over IT administration, but can only prepare the encryption of shares), share manager (can be the only one to decrypt, manage shares but cannot access the content) and user (the only working with the client and can access the content oft he assigned shares).
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