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Founded in 2007, TeleData is one of the few remaining independent data centre operators in Manchester. ISO27001 accredited, we offer colocation, cloud hosting, workplace recovery and data centre services to businesses across the UK. We are the only data centre in the UK to offer an on-site NSI Gold Approved BS5979 security centre which gives us direct links to police control rooms and protects our security guards more than anyone else in the building, for effective response.

Energy efficiencies
We are pioneering in terms of energy efficiencies. Our approach is unrivalled, with power metered at every board and office in the building. We have been working closely with the Business Growth Hub and its consultants to intelligently reduce carbon emissions in all areas including cooling consumption - where we have implemented highly intelligent control systems; cold aisle containment; under-floor cold air channeling to minimise wastage; variable fans within condenser units; free air cooling systems; office space air conditioning controls to minimise wastage out of hours; highly efficient cooling pumps; cold aisle blanking throughout and a number of other measures including the controlled raising of temperatures in the cold and warm aisles. We have invested in the most efficient solutions at all times, regardless of increased upfront costs.

In October 2019 we invested £1.5 Million in a new battery storage system to enhance energy efficiencies at our facility. The solution enables us to store electricity from the national grid at times of low demand and discharge it during the most beneficial periods, acting as a reserve during peak tariff times. The system also offers integrated variable voltage optimisation to deliver a stabilised voltage, thus boosting the resilience of the facility by improving the shelf life of equipment, while reducing unnecessary energy waste and optimising the incoming power supply.

We are the only colocation provider in the UK to have implemented these technologies.

This technology carries a number of advantages;
- The low loss transformer, with voltage optimisation is proven to save between 8-10% of annually consumed kwhs and therefore carbon emissions.
- Customers are insulated against increases in power pricing at the most expensive times of day/year as we can intelligently switch our power source to battery storage during these periods. This saves a huge amount of cost on the annual electricity bill of an intensive user.
- Voltage optimisation allows us to regulate voltage at 225v at the transformer level, reducing energy wastage and extending the lifespan of equipment by up to 40%. Eliminating spikes in power delivery also reduces the likelihood of under or over voltage ‘tripping’, meaning more reliability and less outages.
- As a power generator, TeleData can participate in Firm Frequency Response (FFR) and as a service provider to the National Grid, can use our approved storage assets to quickly reduce demand or increase generation to help balance the grid and avoid power outages. The current UK power network is becoming increasingly challenging to balance and so this is a huge benefit to the grid.

The implementation of this system is an industry first. Data centres have the ideal ‘flat’ and consistent energy load to participate in these types of schemes with the grid, and to take advantage of the cost and energy saving potential that is associated with the system. Data centres traditionally don't like to be the first to implement a particular technology, but if this was implemented on a large scale then all parties would benefit - data centres, customers and of course, the environment.

Customers can state that they host with one of the most energy efficiency conscious providers in the UK and be more comfortable with cost certainty as we take control of the times of day that energy is consumed from the grid.

In December 2019 we invested over £125,000 into additional security measures including thermal imaging detection, dual speed gates, audio-challenge and ANPR.

The new security system incorporates cutting edge CCTV cameras, including thermal imaging devices to minimise false alarms and improve the accuracy of detection; Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to enable visitors to securely register cars to enter the site compound without leaving their vehicles; a new security entrance portal with multi-factor authentication and anti-tailgating technology; and highly secure perimeter speed gates. Systems are permanently monitored by our onsite, BS5979 certified and police-linked security centre to enable higher levels of security and visitor validation whilst enhancing ease of access for authorised personnel. The new system also incorporates a site wide audio-challenge facility. This system also notifies designated persons within TeleData of a visitor’s arrival which is extremely useful if we know that someone is arriving and will require engineer assistance.

In 2019 we invested a six figure sum into our cloud hosting platform, CloudActiv, which provides customers with truly resilient cloud hosting and effective disaster recovery of business-critical data and applications.

Using Active-Active technology, CloudActiv provides constant sub-millisecond replication of data between two identical platforms. Active-Active architecture eliminates the risk of downtime by making it possible for customer’s data to be served from separate, synchronised hosting environments at any given time. This delivers immediate ‘active-active’ failover to protect customers against any full-site data centre outage, providing built-in, automatic disaster recovery and removing the expense and complications of building and managing separate standby environments. This means that if one hosting location goes down, another instantly takes over so that a customer’s business critical resources remain up and running, without any disruption of service.

Support and customer care
Our dedicated on-site support team is available 24x7 to customers. We pride ourselves on our levels and quality of communication to ensure customers are regularly and fully informed during any issues with their equipment or other service affecting issues. In the last three years (at least) we have not lost one single customer for any service issue and regularly receive praise for our quality of service.

Unlike many other data centre providers, we have kept all cross connect pricing to install only, rather than implementing recurring charges. We also provide up to 2(N+N) UPS power protection to customer racks.

Our building also offers business continuity suites for work area recovery, which enables data centre customers to connect disaster recovery desk space directly to colocated equipment within the same building.

Our way of working in partnership with customers is regularly commented upon as a key differentiator. We assist our partners with site tours for their potential customers and for end users we offer complete transparency of all power usage and costs. No automated bills are sent out for over usage of network or power, instead we prefer to treat all customers fairly with a high quality of account management.

“Moneysupermarket Group moved into Teledata back in 2007, at the time we commissioned 30 cabs to operate all of MSMG services, at this time MSMG operated 100% from this data centre.
Moving forward 5 years Moneysupermarket Group started to explore re-platform of its entire technology estate, this involved completely redesigning every single application from the ground up and at the same time designing these applications to run in the cloud.

As we moved more services out of the data centre to cloud the need for the data centre infrastructure reduced. Working with the team at Teledata we were able to reduce our footprint by 50% but still retaining the security of our infrastructure within the Data Centre.
We worked closely with the engineering team at Teledata to relocate hardware and put up new security boundaries within the suite, all this while we were still operating live services from here.

Our journey to the cloud has introduced many challenges along the way. The flexibility offered by Teledata has enabled us to work hard in areas where we need to but at the same time gave us the reassurance that if needed we were not going to be pushed out the DC at any given time. Over the past few years, MSMG and Teledata have had open book conversations about MSMG’s roadmaps and what our end goals look like. Throughout these conversations, Teledata has supported our plans and year on year helped us feel reassured of our presence within the DC, creating flexible contracted that work for both parties.”

Hiten Lad, Head of TechOps, Moneysupermarket Group
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