Starline IR Window for Plug-In Units
Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Starline, a brand of Legrand, continues to prioritize safety and uptime in the mission critical space with its newly introduced IR Windows for plug-in units offering. With preventative maintenance being essential to reducing the downtime and expenses associated with failures, the integrated IR Windows enable data centre operators to easily infrared scan the plug-in units without potentially dangerous and time consuming live work.

Different from traditional all-metal boxes, these plug-in units have IR Window cut-outs with proprietary materials which allow for the scanning of connection points on the line and load sides of OCPDs. This revolutionary design also eliminates the need for covers, reducing time and labor requirements during preventative scans. The IR Window accessory to plug-ins is the most recent addition to the Starline suite of power monitoring solutions designed to enhance end user safety and decrease system total cost of ownership.
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