Samuel Smith
Data Centre Engineer of the Year
Entry Description
Sam is a multi-talented data centre engineer who demonstrates clear ability for a diverse skill set within critical infrastructure consulting and project delivery.
As an Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer, Sam’s abilities and strengths include; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mechanical systems design, concept and facility master planning, 3D rendering and video creation for facility walk-throughs that effectively communicate to clients how their projects will look.
Sam is highly skilled working with the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Revit software for detail design of facilities to LOD 400, testing and commissioning management for critical infrastructure facilities.
His engineering ability is met with adaptability and flexibility to his audience, whether senior project stakeholders, site-based engineers and suppliers. During a recent project Sam has chaired and led commissioning meetings for the largest Co-Lo in the UAE, surrounded by senior and principle engineers some almost twice his senior Sam has demonstrated technical knowledge around data centre design, implementation and testing – holding his own in heated discussions which occur during the crucial moments of most large data centre build project.
Within the office and as part of the Sudlows senior leadership team in Dubai, Sam exhibits an outstanding can-do attitude and always delivers strong value add and quality in all his duties called for in his role and the data centres projects which Sudlows undertakes.
Sam’s comprehensive role isn’t limited to technical and engineering - he supports in the bid process for new opportunities, pricing of Sudlows professional services offering and the management of a team of engineers.
More recently (over the last 6 months) Sam has had a key role in launching Sudlows’ second overseas office, located in Mumbai, India. Sam has taken a lead role for the Mumbai office and now spends the majority of his time there - ensuring that the right consultants are onboarded for the new office, ensuring consistency is maintained with the client and that the new teams are trained and mentored into delivering consultancy services to the Sudlows recognised highest of standards.
During his time in the India office, Sam has demonstrated leadership, a clear desire and willingness to the extra mile and has been a key part in Sudlows securing and delivering over 100MW of critical infrastructure projects to a major global co-location provider based in India. Sam is an dynamic and impressive engineer who takes on new responsibilities with clear passion and determination to succeed. Over the last two years Sam has grown in confidence yet still modestly appreciates that he does not know all and seeks regular council with his peers and industry connections to greater his knowledge, understanding and problem-solving abilities.
As an industry that is suffering an engineering skill shortage (reported by all major hyperscale’s) from new and young engineers – Sam is a prime example of the type of new engineers we as an industry need to develop and nurture in to what is fast becoming the backbone of modern civilisation.
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