Apstra AOS 3.2
Data Centre ICT Automation/Orchestration Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Apstra AOS 3.2 redefines network recovery with the industry’s first and only vendor-agnostic Intent Time Voyager.

The Intent Time Voyager enables customers to travel through the history of their network and bring the network back to any known state in time helping to resolve network outages. This revolutionary product provides customers with the ability to time travel within their own networks to release their business’ full innovative potential.

Apstra AOS 3.2 enables IT to recover quickly from mishaps caused by humans or machines by enabling network engineers to recover their entire data center fabric state, configuration, and real-time continuous validation to a specific point in time; backward or forward with a few simple clicks. It is the only technology in the industry to break this ground, presenting a new level of control and flexibility to open networks that is also extremely cost-effective.

The unique Intent Time Voyager capability is enabled by the Apstra AOS single source of truth and self-documenting capability, which also provides assurance validations about the drift between the intended and operational state of the entire fabric.
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