40PBs of data migrated, managed, and consolidated with a unified unstructured data management platform for Fortune 20 financial services institution
Data Dynamics
Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
StorageX 8.5 is a next-generation solution for file storage management. It helps customers with more real-time insights and automation around file access security, anomaly detection, intelligent multi-cloud, and agile metadata and access pattern analytics, which are used to drive data management actions.

This allows customers to correlate file access, file ownership, and utilization, driving data management policies to reduce the surface area for ransomware attacks, making immutable copies of data, driving data tiering, creating data lakes, and location optimization. StorageX 8.5 provides intelligence-based data analytics and mobility in a hybrid cloud environment.

The release of our globally recognized StorageX software provides support for cloud-to-cloud mobility and interoperability for migrations to Azure File, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Platform, and S3 Object Storage. It simplifies the migration process by providing templates that guide best policy creation and management practices, which can be configured and managed via a robust suite of API.

A financial institution with over 6,000 offices across more than 80 countries was migrating from legacy NAS platforms to NetApp Data ONTAP. The customer’s unstructured data had grown exponentially over the years with no global consistency of storage and varying legacy standards as a result of multiple acquisitions. The customer’s data was also distributed over 100 locations in order to provide minimal latency for end-users. However, with end-user compute rapidly moving from users’ offices into centralized core data centers, a consolidation of the data was also needed during the migration whilst driving consistency across the global footprint. The data was hosted on legacy hardware across the globe that in some cases was over 13 years old and they wanted to move it into the NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Storage Platform. They were also extensively using Microsoft DFS that provided an abstraction layer for their CIFS. They wanted a reliable and secured solution for automating their migration process.

Data Dynamics’ StorageX solution offered a unified and centralized platform to manage CIFS and NFS migrations from legacy NAS platforms to NetApp Data ONTAP. StorageX simplified and automated the migration process including providing a means of updating the DFS links automatically. The automated, policy-based approach used by StorageX maximized user data access and minimized cutover windows, user downtime, and other disruptions related to file storage rebalancing, migrations, consolidations, and tech refreshes.

StorageX provided a single and unified console to manage the migrations supporting various sources and destinations, including cross-platform support for NetApp, Windows, and other heterogeneous resources. StorageX helped the customer with data migration by consolidating their data centers and in parallel introduced effective data governance, intelligent data insights, and data lifecycle management.

With this data consolidation project, the customer could easily drive global standardization for enhanced downstream automation, significantly improved efficiency as well as next-level risk management. The customer deployed a single instance of StorageX in each major geographical location and deployed Replication Agents (RA) in each data center. Policies were created in the StorageX server and sent to the RA that drove the data movement based on the policy settings. This automated the process and ensured that the infrastructure deployed was consistent across all the data centers globally.

StorageX 8.5 enabled customers to manage and consolidate petabytes of data with a single pane of glass. It also provided the intelligence required for the migration, consolidation, and archiving of file data in large, complex, heterogeneous file storage environments. The engagement with the customer evolved and accelerated, resulting in consolidation from 112 locations globally down to 65 and involved migrating 40PBs of data that was distributed across 35,000 volumes on 876 filer nodes, delivering data location optimization, cost savings of over $37M, and data analysis. This was a clear example of customer trust as the data managed grew by a whopping 300% by the end of the project.