How Nebulon brings the cloud experience on-premises
Data Centre ICT Automation/Orchestration Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Enterprises today are faced with a major dilemma: they are forced to keep their application data on-premises for cost, security, or compliance reasons, but don't want to compromise on what the public cloud has to offer. By providing a single, consistent, and scalable API across all infrastructure services, the cloud enables organisations and service providers to adopt automation frameworks instead of managing their IT infrastructure manually. In on-premises environments, this is not possible since every device has its own API endpoint. So for workloads that cannot move to the public cloud, the cloud experience must move on-premises.

Nebulon offers just that: smartInfrastructure is a cloud-based infrastructure operations SaaS that turns a customer’s server estate into a cloud operating platform, delivering the benefits of the public cloud, on-premises from core to edge for any application—containerised, virtualised, or bare metal. Providing self-service infrastructure provisioning, infrastructure management-as-a-service and enterprise-class shared and local data services, Nebulon’s smartInfrastructure delivers easily accessible AIOps, self-managed updates and powerful programmability at any scale.

The most tangible and obvious advantage for customers adopting smartInfrastructure, is that they can retain on-premises resiliency and cost benefits by turning their server estate into a cloud operating platform. Using the Nebulon cloud control plane, Nebulon ON (a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform/cloud management approach for on-premises infrastructure), customers can provision and monitor infrastructure anywhere, as well as handle deep infrastructure operations non-disruptively. Customers can also fully automate their entire IT infrastructure at scale with a single API endpoint, direct access to AIOps functions and a consistent API version across all services. It can be integrated into existing automation frameworks such as Ansible and Terraform, and enables automation of tedious, manual workflows into a single command as well as geographically distributed physical infrastructure insights. Nebulon ON is packaged in a way that is maintenance-free with new capabilities appearing seamlessly in the UI like any cloud-based application.

Via a unique, differentiated approach, smartInfrastructure enables customers to implement from automation frameworks in their on-premises infrastructure. What’s more, compared to traditional three-tier architecture and hyper-converged infrastructure alternatives, smartInfrastructure reduces operational overhead by up to 75%.

Damon Dance, Director of Sales at Inca Cloud said, “With a Nebulon-based Supermicro foundation for the hosted element of our multi-cloud service, we are able to bring to market a ‘smart’ vision that would have been impossible to deliver just a couple of years ago. Customers can now retain the flexibility and operating model which make the public cloud so appealing whilst regaining the control it removes, and improving both predictability and cost advantages for their cloud deployments.”

Chris Ward-Jones, CTO, DC Intelligence said, “Nebulon smartInfrastructure not only allows me to reduce my server footprint but it also gives me a single pane of glass where I can see all my storage and manage it all remotely, which reduces my overhead circa 75 percent. I get more density out of my blocz [solution] and reduce my management overhead. It’s win-win.”